Bradley Mart Photography | About
Our world is strange, beautiful, surprising, inspirational, painful, delightful. Everywhere, I see moments, events, places that make me feel deeply these things. A profound sense of being alive exists for me at such moments. A photograph can hold in place these feelings both to know them later, and to share them.

We have existed in this world always and I believe we share in a collective unconscious. Thus, what I try to photograph is a world I deeply connect with and believe others will too. With that connection, I hope to give pause to these visceral things which we too often neglect in our lives, to evoke a feeling about a subject that is more than the moment, event or place itself.

My subject matter is broad: people, objects, nature, wildlife, geometry, art, light, done in both black & white, and color. I hope my work reaches you deeply, and has meaning. Welcome.