Leif Erickson(non-registered)
Awesome does not do your work justice. Thanks, Bradley!
Dirk the jerk(non-registered)
Where are all those great pictures of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park? You promised...
Masa Kishiku(non-registered)
Your view of people makes me feel wonderful to be alive.....
Masa Kishiku on Oct 5, 2013(non-registered)
Believe you are doing good in life
My son is now into camera/photography as a hobby.
I told him to visit your web site. I am sure he will like your pictures and sense of collections like my late wife used to say .

Take care
Amazing work Bradley! You are so talented and we thought we had seen it all. Good luck with all! missing you guys, Marie (from hot FL)
John O'Grady(non-registered)
amazing artwork Bradley. thanks for making it available.
Nice canvas. Congrats in your new journey. I found myself imagining stories of the people in the pictures. What they were thinking... What kind of life they led. Many look profoundly happy. Reminds me that at the core...we as people have more in common than we think. Thanks for sharing, all the best.
Masa Kishiku(non-registered)
Bradley, you surprised me again !
Great to know you again in this spiritual art that inspires us and enriches in this world we live.
This is wonderful Bradley, I/we wish you all the luck in the world. Lucky me I have some of your wonderful photographs already. Mazeltov on your new adventure. Proud mother.
Bradley...if eyes are a two-way window to the soul, then this confirms what all of those who know you already know... you are truly beautiful. Do more.
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